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[Pinned] Greetings
General Discussion

[Pinned] Greetings

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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Kinship info

[Pinned] Rules and Ethics of The Guardians of Middle Earth

DisclaimerThese have evolved through time and through the making of a kinship which is first and foremost a family, so are based on respect and care, with the aim being to bring out the best in us all, especially when relating to one another and w...
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Kinship info

[Pinned] About our Kinship

Here's the basic information about our kinship:Server: Evernight (eu)Name: The Guardians Of Middle EarthRank: 10Founded: At game launch in 2007 by BubsKinship House: 5 Waterbank Road, Tum Raen, Falathlorn HomesteadsFacebook:
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Strongholds of the North Daily Quests

Strongholds of the North Daily QuestsUpon completing quests in all regions, you get a mail to go visit Queen Regent Erna in Dale and dailies open.Wrapper quest: Restoring the Three Kingdoms (repeatable twice weekly, resets Sunday and Thursday at 3...
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General Discussion

Book recomendations for me

Hi there, although this isnt a LOTR thread i thought i would give it a looking for good books to read, that i havnt already read,so any suggestions would be great😀I will read most anything, so ill leave it to you, just ones you thought were ...
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Hi guys if anyone needs/would like anything crafting for any chars pls leave a message here with what you would like making lvl wise and for what class Thanks tim
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stats as of u21

Stat capsThe following is a list of character stat caps (base character stat + slotted traits + equipment bonuses) at end level (115).Notes: Many intermediate caps exist, especially up to level 50. Character stats, traits and bonuses affect the ra...
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General Discussion

Merry Christmas

Have a great one guys and here's to a good 2018 🍻
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