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These have evolved through time and through the making of a kinship which is first and foremost a family, so are based on respect and care, with the aim being to bring out the best in us all, especially when relating to one another and when representing our kin to Middle Earth.
Every member of The Guardians of Middle Earth is expected to have read these R&E and should be aware that officers are allowed to expel members if complaints arise about players not upholding the R&E as described below.

Following are a few areas where we need to be aware of how we act.

We try at being a close group of friends and knowing each others real name helps with that. So unless it's unpronounceable and you like to have everyone call you different we'd like to ask everyone to put their name in the "Kinship Player Note".
You have to set these per character and some people find it useful to add what your profession is.. an example I use for my hunter alt Beorthag this player note "Thran/Bas (Woodworker/Farmer)". The profession of a character can also be found in the tooltip shown when you hover over a character in the kinship panel.
You can change your player note in the Social Panel (O-key) by clicking on the button "Note".
This note is only visible for kinship members when they open the Social Panel and rotate the information in the right column by clicking on the arrow above it.

  • Try not to swear - there's no need when typing to swear, although anacronyms (wtf, ffs) are of course perfectly acceptable.
  • Please don't spam kinchat over and over again with the same question, requests or complaints. If people do not answer you in time, then move on.
  • In kinchat, please only speak English, we are an English speaking kin on an English speaking server - we love the international feel of the kin, but respect that others may not understand you if you start talking in other languages
  • Please remember the average age of this kinship is over 20, some topics of conversations may be ignored from time to time..
  • World chat, members of our kin are expected to behave in world chat as if it's kinchat, you represent our kinship and we want that representation to be positive.

LOTRO has been designed to be playable for the solo player as well as for groups, so there should be no real need to constantly ask for help with quests in kin.

There are instances and raids throughout the game that fellow kin members at the same level will play, its great to run with your kin mates in this way, but at lower levels there are fewer of these so unless there are other low level members who need a specific FS quest please try to do these with an LFF. If you really have problems then I recommend creating a post in the forum or on Facebook with your question, other members will probably respond quick with an offer to help with questing.

Please do not constantly spam for power leveling or for help with quests which you can easily do alone, we love helping each other but all members have their own game to play, so please respect that. Plus its much more fun to get through the quests with new people and at your own speed.

This next bit should be obvious to all but still I'm going to mention this, you don't get help by demanding it.. you can't assume fellow kinmembers will help you no matter what, we expect people to be friendly and polite when asking someone if they can spare some time to help you. Being rude or acting like a spoiled child will get you a warning, demote or in case of severe or repeated rudeness a ban from the kinship.

This is a big area for us, we love crafting for each other but as with everything this is done with respect and consideration, crafting is expensive and time consuming so please do not abuse it:
  • Only ask for something to be crafted if you can provide the materials, or someone can help you get them
  • Please never offer any of your crafted good for sale within the kin, we respect that we all need to make money so if you do want to sell crafted goods stick it on Auction House at the going rate (this kin does not use kin only in AH either), in this kin we only give to each other, so if you want to give something away feel free, if you want to sell something go to the AH/trade channel
  • The main rule really is helping each other with crafting, if you have spare materials and don't need them then there will be someone leveling their craft who does

  • In this kin we never ever ask each other for money, we have all levelled from 1 to our current levels and made in game money along the way, it is part of the game so please do not expect other members to give you money.

Raids / Instances (mostly loot)
  • To learn about signing up I'd like to point you to the sticky thread about our event calendar.
  • When we organize a raid/instance run loot will be divided not by a DKP system but we /roll for items that people want.. Keep in mind that we expect you not to roll on something you will not use if there are others in the group that will want to use the item..
  • If you've won something really special be the fair player and stop rolling for other special items in that run.. unless no one else wants them or the group leader informs everyone that it's allowed to roll for stuff..
  • We expect people not to get frustrated about rewards.. it's a game and we play it for fun.. if you get something nice be happy.. if you don't get something nice.. better luck next time.. If you don't get anything after x amount of runs there's almost always someone who will remember and the group will decide you get the item.. so be patient if luck isn't your friend..

Ettenmoors (PvMP)
When you get to the moors we have a few basic rules - break these enough times and you get kicked:
  • No camping of either of the two starting areas
  • No camping of graveyards
  • When grouping with more then 2 give solo enemies a chance.. if they don't attack, ignore them.. if they do attack.. well.. go ahead.. There's nothing more annoying then being steamrolled by a large group when you are running around alone..
Gnomes and the Master of Dance
The Gnomes are well known of their creative and competitive dances. Two of our founder members Mort and Belth started this tradition long, long, long, yes really long ago and dragged it over to LOTRO by secretly sneaking up on someone and starting dancing with them as if it was a tag game. This created a fun little competition among our members and has stayed a tradition throughout the years in our kinship.
The goal is to find a fellow Gnome member somewhere in the world, select them and start a dancing emote before they see you and manage to do the same with you.
There is but 1 rule and that's the one who dances with the other person the first wins the "duel".
Creativity will sometimes be awarded with prizes and there's of course the bragging rights if you manage to "dance" one of the officer members. 

I don't like rules to be honest, the game is about fun, but in a game where real people are involved its important to remember that we are all here to play, have fun, and to respect that in each other within the kin, and outside the kin.

If you would like more clarification about something don't hesitate to ask one of our Officers.
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