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Hi Gnomes.
With new weekly reward boxes, missions are now great to work for. I’ve put together a brief guide to getting through these weekly wrappers quickly, choosing missions that are fast to run, on any level character.

Any character at level cap that completes a weekly wrapper will be awarded 500 embers.

Any character below level cap will get 500 motes.

All characters will get the following reward.

And all characters will get a choice of one of the following three items.

If you choose the Bonus Crafting Materials, you will get all three of the items below.

Inside the Crate of crafting materials, is a choice of . . .

A crate of ore, hides, logs, scholar materials, cook materials or raw gems. You can choose one item. Each crate lists all the specific crafting items for all tiers of crafting, and you can choose which one you want. It will deliver ten items. Example – 10 rubies, or 10 Calenard hides.

Inside the Crate of Speciality Crafting Materials is a choice of 1 x universal Solvent, 1 Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient (100% crit chance), or a Rare Crafting Component Selection Box, which allows you to choose one rare shard/item off any crafting tier. Example, Ithilharn shard.

Inside the Minor Guild Crafting Token of Esteem box is a choice of one reputation item for any crafting guild. It awards 10,000 reputation on use.

If you choose the Bonus Legendary Items Boosts you will get the two items below.

Opening the Crate of Speciality Legendary Items gives a choice of . . .

One – uncapped Anfalas Star-lit Crystal or
Three – uncapped Anfalas scrolls of empowerment.

If you choose the Bonus Character Boosts, you will get all the items below.

The mission system and how to open the weeklies
Visit Threstlebridge in the North Downs and pick up any mission from Radhril. Complete it and hand it in and the weekly wrappers will auto-bestow. There are two weeklies, one to complete 15/15 missions and one to complete 45/45 missions. Each wrapper will award the rewards listed above.

There are ten missions in Threstlebridge and they are always the same ones each day. Some are quick to do but others take more time. There are eight missions in the war room in Elderslade and many of these are very quick to complete. They are different each day and rotate over ten days, so I have chosen the fastest options for all ten of those days to list here.

As there are ten days of missions in Elderslade, you will complete the small weekly wrapper long before reaching the end of the ten day rotation, but I have listed all ten days worth in this guide, so no matter which day you pick up the weekly, you can still follow it. Just find which day you are starting on from the list below and carry on from there.

1. Pick up and complete Svalfang’s Stand in Threstlebridge on day one. This will open the weekly wrappers. It
will also open a weekly wrapper to complete 10 missions in the Wildwood which will reward you with 10
Bree-land tokens on completion.
2. Take the GabilAkka Stable Master (the dwarf standing next to a boar in the corner) to the Annâk-khurfu
War room.
3. Pick up the quest: March on Gundabad, Assisting the War Effort (Daily) from Hlothi
4. Pick up the quest: Pushing Forward the War Effort (Weekly) from Stalskeg Ironbeard.

Both of the quests above require that the player has completed the Quest Arc: A Call to War, in
Elderslade (link below). These are optional wrappers, and the mission guide can still be completed for
the rewards listed above, without these two weekly quests.

5. Pick up the quest: March on Gundabad, Missions for the Cause (daily) from Elof.
6. Pick up the quest: The War Effort, Missions for the Cause (weekly) from Elof.

Both of the quests above require that the player has completed the Mission: The Main Gates in
Elderslade (link below). These are optional wrappers, and the mission guide can still be completed for
the rewards listed above, without these two quests.

You now have all your wrappers open and in place to start missions.

You have already done Svalfang’s Stand for this day, and you will do that mission every day, and you will choose three others from the war room, as well, which I have listed below. The list runs from the day I started, so Day 1 may be any of the days listed below for you, depending on which day you start.

Day 1
The Den of Worms
Hunting the Hunters
Breaking Bekar-zarakh

Day 2
Den of the Frost-bound
Scatha’s Legacy
The Heart of Kizdul-kalah

Day 3
The Bloody Ritual
The Vale Watch Rescue
The Hunting Grounds

Day 4
Jaws of the Dead
Abandoned Supplies
The Beast of Misthollow

Day 5
A Chill on the Gladdenmere
A Glutton in the Larder
An Age-long Theft

Day 6
Reclaiming the Vale Watch
Burrowers by the Hadhodhiant
The Shadow of Vadhellir

Day 7
A New Clutch
The Matron of the Hatchery
Raiders from Gundabad

Day 8
Well-fed in Wyrmsgraf
A Frosty Reception
The Snows of Ker Brein

Day 9
Nests of Ice
The Bloody Ruins
The Son of the Cheiftan

Day 10
Training for Glory
Wall of Ice
Assault on Ashmar-zarakh

Following these steps will complete 4 missions per day. Weekly wrapper 1 (15/15) will complete on your fourth day. If you are working towards both wrappers, do the last mission on day four, which will put you at 16/45. Continue with the missions and the 45/45 wrapper will complete on your eleventh day (day 11 will require one extra mission to take it to 45).

Each day, hand in the dailies at Elof (for motes) and Hlothi (for Coins of Gundabad) and don’t forget to pick up again the next day, and on day 4, hand in a weekly as Skalseg Ironbeard (for Coins of Gundabad), and at Elof (for motes and LI upgrades).

Rinse and repeat. Mission wrappers do not lose progress if you miss a day or two, and you can continue where you left off.

Have fun with it.

Hi. My name is Juls and I've been playing LOTRO for just over 8 years. I joined Gnomes when I began playing and fell in love with the people in the kin. I'm still with them, to this day :)

I'm a bit of an altoholic and a massive hoarder. I have 33 alts (and many on other accounts for storage) and have all crafts covered, so if you need anything, just shout.
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