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Kinterview - Thranthir

Juls / Oct 10, 2020 / Kin-newsletter
Q. Your Name?
A. Bas

Q. When did you start playing LOTRO?
A. In 2007.

Q. How did you find the Gnomes?
A. I was ninja-invited by Bubs while Ireth and I were amazed by the high gold prizes of a steed at the Bree-Horsefields, we joined because heck, why not.. apparently the kinship needed a tank in order to complete the Angmar instances, and now 13 years later I’m the leader.. lol!

Q. Which alt would you consider to be your main?
A. Thranthir, a 130 Elf Guardian, although not my most played character, he is my first character and I will try to complete everything on him at one point, where other characters although maybe more active won’t.

Q. What are your other alts?
A. Arivi (130 Beorning), Basbo (130 Dwarf Hunter), Ceolithryn (130 Human Loremaster), Rawin (130 Dwarf Champion), Thairn (130 Dwarf Runekeeper), Penthran (130 Human Captain), and a few lower level ones but I won’t list all of them..

Q. What name do you prefer to be called by?
A. Boss mainly, or sir.. but if you don’t want to respect me just call Bas, Thran, Ceo, Dude, Guy, Muppet, Donkey, or whatever you can think of that you think I might listen to...

Q. What is your favourite activity in LOTRO?
A. I love doing larger group content, I used to love PvMP as well when we had a solid group of people going there and it wasn’t to imbalanced/grind to get characters ready for the Moors.. but the most favourite thing I like to do is just chat to people and have a laugh at the expense of Lewis.

Q. What could you share about yourself that will let kinnies get to know you?
A. I’m a Cloggy.. that means I live in the Netherlands. I live together with Andrea (Anduileth) who I’ve been engaged to for 4 years now (we don’t have a date yet!). I have 2 wolfs walking around in my house, I pretend to know stuff about well everything but usually I’m wrong.. I have been leading the kinship for quite some time now, although I let Lewis do the hard work.

Q. Is there anything that you would like to add, about the game in general or about the kinship?
A. I’m part of the Gnomes since 2007 and I can’t think of life without it to be honest.. It would be boring. And with the Gnomes I don’t just mean the kinship in Lotro. Most of the people in the kinship have become good friends over the years, and with which I play all sorts of games, and I wouldn’t want to miss any of them.. well ok maybe Lewis.. 😉

Thank you Bas, for sharing this info with us.


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