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Inspiration for LOTRO outfits

Juls / Oct 10, 2020 / Kin-newsletter
LOTRO Cosmetics

There is a wide and varied amount of armour and weapons in the game, and many great costumes can be put together using them. There are complete sets available from various sources, for example, the Rangers outfit from completing the Epic quest arc Volume III: Book 5, chapter 1.

As well as these quest rewards, there are many great looking Armour sets available at the Skirmish camp, under the Classic, Heavy, Medium and Light armour vendors. Also Enedwaith and Isengard barterable sets have a unique and pleasing look and feel to them.

But we don’t have to stick to whole sets, we can mix and match to come up with our own style, and for inspiration or just ideas to borrow, there are a few websites and blogs out there which you can take a look through.

Firstly, my personal favourite is the Starry Mantle.
On this site you can search for an outfit, based upon what you are looking for. Be it a male elf, or a female Hobbit, a Beorning, Dwarf or Human, there is plenty to choose from. You can search by colour, theme, style, gender, or race.

Next is Cosmetic LOTRO.
Another great place to search for those outfit ideas. This site also allows you to search through outfits using themes, colour, or people, and it also has a section where you can find mounts that match your outfits.

Wandering Around Arda
Here is another firm favourite of mine.

Lotro Stylist
This site gives you the option to search by game play style. Whether your character is battle ready, adventuring, casual/social or dressing for a party, this site has ideas for all of it.

And finally, a thread on the LOTRO forums which has been running for 11 years, with 231 pages from LOTRO players, showing screenshots of their favourite outfits.

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Thanks for this, Juls :)
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