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The Guardians of Middle Earth Weekly Newsletter 11/10/2020

Juls / Oct 10, 2020 / Kin-newsletter
Welcome to the newsletter

Hey Dancers

Screenshot of the Week
Please see the image above for our weekly screenshot. A view of Bree Town from above.

Starting next week, we would like to invite you all to submit screenshots of your own that we can use. Please email your screenshot to by Wednesday each week and one will be chosen to be displayed in the newsletter on the following Sunday.

New Members
We do not have any new members to announce this week, so instead we have a Kinterview for you. A little bit of insight into our Kin Leader – Thranthir who joined the Gnomes on July 5th 2007. Please see the Kinterview at the link below.

As well as the weekly runs of Throne bosses and the Nine on alts, we are planning a full run of Remmorchant T1 on Saturday 17th October. Please check Discord instance-announcement channel for specific runs and events through the week.

Server Events
There are no new server events to announce this week, just a reminder that Durin’s Day Event is scheduled to run from 15th October until 21st October. You can find information about this event on the Wiki page below.

Congratulations to our kinnies who saw their first run through Throne of the Dread Terror T2 and downing Gothmog on Saturday October 10th. Also, congratulations Em on getting your champ to level cap.

Patch Notes and Updates
War of the Three Peaks approaches and saw its third round of testing on Bullroarer this week. Of special note are the following points.

The Bloody Threshold: A new, multi-tiered 12 man raid, which will include an easy, story mode at t1.

Shakalush, The Stair Battle: a new, multi-tiered 6 man instance.

Everslade Missions: “ You have received a summons from Agatur the Boastful to join him at the fortress of Skarhald in Ered Mithrin. The Longbeard Dwarves have called for all their friends and allies to proceed to Skarhald as soon as they are able. The time to retake Gundabad is at hand.”

Short, solo or duo scaleable instances.
Access through the Introductory Remote Bestowed quest or travel straight to Annak-khurfu from several Stable-masters in major hubs.

A checkbox marked “Stay Logged in for 8 Hours” can be found on the login page of the LOTRO Launcher. This feature preserves your user credentials between server logins, so you do not have to enter your username and password each time.

Virtues will now go up to rank 72.

Lootbox contents are all being updated.

Weekly Sales and Game Codes
Get 30% off: Now through October 15th
• Stat Tomes
• Regeneration Food
• Run Speed Boosts
• Attack Damage Boosts

Free Universal Ingredient Pack x 1 with code INGREDIENTPACK

Useful Links, Hints and Tips
Filbert Fig and the Curator have been confirmed with update 28.

LOTRO Cosmetics
Some inspirational sites and webpages about creating outfits and costumes for your characters. Visit the article at the link below.

Geekbyte’s Stream
Don’t forget to check out Gaz’s stream on

And also, Mrs Thing’s Stream



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