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The Guardians of Middle Earth Weekly Newsletter 18/10/2020

Juls / Oct 18, 2020 / Kin-newsletter
Welcome to the newsletter

Hey Dancers

See our screenshot of the week above, submitted by Lewis of Chris (Milathir) in the Caverns of Thrumfall, main boss - Etterfang. We imagine this is how Andrea feels each morning waking up to Bas's dragon breath :)

Don't forget that you can all submit any screenshot for inclusion in the letter by emailing it to

New Members
We do not have any new members to announce this week, but we do have it from a not so far off grapevine that there is a potential new gnome, wandering around Middle Earth. We don’t know much about him at this point, other than he oft gets lost, is a little clumsy and ever so cute. Perhaps he is out looking for his gnomewife or little gnomelings. We just don’t know. We do know what he looks like though, after a brief sighting somewhere in Ered Luin. He was last seen wearing a red hat and a red jacket, though he has been known to change his clothing from time to time too. Here he is. . . .

We didn’t catch his name properly when we saw him, but we are sure it was one of these . . .


Which do you think it was? Please comment below with your top three picks, like this . . .

1. Fendurin
2. Fobbie
3. Felstar

and maybe we can find him :)

As well as the weekly runs of Throne bosses and the Nine on alts, we are planning a full run of the Anvil of Winterstith t2 for Saturday 24th October. Please check Discord instance-announcement channel for specific runs and events through the week.

Server Events
Durin’s Day Event is active now and runs until 21st October. You can find information about this event on the Wiki page below.

There is a 10% Embers and Motes Boost event starting on Thursday October 22nd which will run through until October 26th.

ExtraLife 2020 has now launched and all LOTRO players are invited to get involved by making a donation (though it is not mandatory). There are in game incentives involved, and you can read the details below.!

Congratulations Tim for completing Anvil t2 on Thursday October 15th. Well done Tim. Also congrats go out to Rogertheshrubber and Heloras and Nim on his burgly one for their first full completion of Remmorchant t1 on Saturday October 17th. Many thanks to Jezko from The Reddhirrim for joining us and lending a hand.

Patch Notes and Updates
There are no new patch notes or update details to report this week. However, War of the Three peaks is looming ever so close. If there is any news on this before the next newsletter, we will post a news bulletin here on the website for you.

Weekly Sales and Game Codes

Get 25% off: Now through October 22nd
• Select Expansion and Expansion Quests
• Enhanced XP supply and Hornburg Token
• Skirmishes and Instances
• 100% Mark Acquisition Boosts

Free Repair and Sell Services (6 hours) with code RENTAVENDOR

** Please note** The 6 hours on this item ticks down in real time, so it will continue to expire if you log off. also, I'm not 100% sure, but it may work as soon as it is claimed, so it is best to plan to redeem this when you have a good play session planned. Maybe a deeding session :)

Useful Links, Hints and Tips

Below is an interesting and informative guide on LOTRO commands and keystrokes.

Geekbyte’s Stream

Don’t forget to check out Gaz’s stream on

And also, Mrs Thing’s Stream



1. Felstar
2. Fobbie
3. Fandi
1. Fobbie
2. Frobie
3. Felstar
1. Fobbie
2. Frobie
3. Fandi
1 Fendurin
2 Francci
3 Felstar
Ha thats Class.

My Picks below

1. Felstar
2. Fandi
3. Fendurin
1. Francci
2. Fandi
3. Fobbi
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