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The Guardians of Middle Earth Weekly Newsletter 08/11/2020

Juls / Nov 07, 2020 / Kin-newsletter
Welcome to the newsletter

Hey Dancers

Screenshot of the Week
Looks like meat is back on the menu Boys! A lovely screenshot of Karazgar and Hrimil Frost-Heart – Anvil of Winterstith. Submitted by Lewis.

We invite you all to submit your screenshot. A place, your character, a costume, whatever you want. Please send screenshots to or send to Juls through Discord message.

New Members
We have no new members to introduce this week. But we do have some new alts 😊 Introducing . . .

Clawdoftherings. Level 122 Beorning, alt of Gaz. Joined 08/1020
Ceoil. Level 121 Minstrel, alt of Keepie. Joined 13/10/20
Draenerys. Level 8 Captain, alt of Julie, on Nytram’s account. Joined 18/10/20
Creaty. Level 130 Captain, alt of Gaz. Joined 19/10/20
Gabbington. Level 45 Guardian, alt of Keepie. Joined 25/10/20
Lisselinor. Level 121 Captain, alt of Tim. Joined 31/10/20

Hidden Gems: Juls is planning a hidden deeds run on Sunday 15th November at 5.00 pm UK time. So if you fancy titles such as Blind Leaper, Master of Stairs, or Gate Crasher, feel free to come along. Please check Discord instance-announcement channel for specific runs and events through the week.

Server Events
Harvestmath Festival has been extended through 30th November. The Curator will vacate Middle Earth tomorrow November 9th. There is a 25% Skirmish Marks boost running from November 10th to November 16th.

Congratulations to all who completed The Bloody Threshold t1 on Saturday November 7th.

Patch Notes and Updates
There was a content patch this week which took place on Tuesday 3rd November. You can read the patch notes below.

Since these patch notes were released, Cordovan has announced that the change to Minas Morgul quest: Sigils of Imlad Morgul for Embers will not go ahead as announced. See his post below.

"We have been discussing our release notes for 28.1.1, including the "future release note" for 28.2, and have decided to make an adjustment. We will still be adding a new Copper Coins of Gundabad quest, but we will no longer have the reward for the quest Sigils of Imlad Ithil be Motes instead of Embers. The quest currently awards Embers, and will after 28.2. Eventually, the intention is to replace sources of Embers with newer sources of content, so it is likely this change will eventually happen, but it will not be in the immediate future."

Weekly Sales and Game Codes
This is your final chance to obtain Bombur’s Bounty. It is available in store until November 8th

Get 20% off: Now through November 12th
• Vault Storage and Shared Storage
• Inventory Slots
• Currency Cap

Free +2000 Virtue Acceleration Tome with code BONUSVIRTUE

Useful Links, Hints and Tips
Below is a video showing 7 tips for lightning Rune-Keepers

Don’t forget to check out Gaz’s stream on

And also, Mrs Thing’s Stream


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