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Kinterview - Heloras

Juls / Nov 14, 2020 / Kinterview!
Stella has kindly shared some information with us which will give a little bit of insight into one of our long standing members and officers, who joined the Gnomes on July 9th 2014.

Q. Your Name?
A. Stephanie

Q. When did you start playing LOTRO?
A. Spring 2014

Q. How did you find the Gnomes?
A. I remember I was in the 21st Hall and looking for a new kinship, as my old one had dried up. I happened to spot a post in public chat from a warden called Poppett about looking for people to join their kinship… also something about food and burps and hobbits. I sent this Poppett character a message and said, “I don’t roll hobbits, but I’m interested,” and was told that not only is it acceptable to not have hobbits, but that I could join as well! The rest is history.

Q. Which alt would you consider to be your main?
A. Heloras (130 warden) has been my main for about 5 years, but Stellanor (130 hunter) was my first until I fell in love with warden. I try to complete everything I can on my warden but am satisfied to share completions between the two toons.

Q. What are your other alts?
A. I have 21 toons in total, but the current “important” ones aside from my mains are…
Stellion (130 runekeeper), Stellebor (127 lore-master), Eleneruanna (118 captain), and Stellaeth (78 minstrel). As with probably most people, I do have at least one of each class that I hope to learn and level.

Q. What name do you prefer to be called by?
A. I’ve always been known as Stella in my gaming life, but I’m also happy to go by Steph 😊 Have also been known as Helo, Doc, or Snr. All acceptable!

Q. What is your favourite activity in LOTRO?
A. I love exploring. Like, seriously, love it. For me, the best part of new releases in the game is a fresh, shiny new map to get to know. Exploring was the reason I started playing, I actually downloaded the game and rolled a character with the sole purpose of studying the geography of Middle Earth. But then I found I liked the game pretty well and stuck with it! I am also a bit of an RP nerd and it is very important to me that my characters fit into the lore. My toons all have family trees (why I have 21 toons) and lore-friendly backstories because I am a massive geek 😊 I love this opportunity to be a part of Middle Earth.

Q. What could you share about yourself that will let kinnies get to know you?
A. I live in the US in the snowy state of Michigan. I am a mom of two beloved children for whom I would do anything, and I have a fantastic husband. I have a PhD in Fisheries and Wildlife (Wildlife Biology); I wrangled rattlesnakes and studied their population ecology and habitats for 4 years. Before I turned to biology, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance. I am classically trained in oboe, and also have a little experience with piano and bass guitar.
Aside from Lord of the Rings, other favourite fandoms include One Piece, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. I’ve been reading Forgotten Realms books for years, and recently started playing D&D too! Tron Legacy is probably my favourite movie of all time. I listen to A LOT of music, everything from Volbeat to Beethoven, Daft Punk, Vivaldi, Two Steps from Hell…these are my most notable favourites. I am a casual gamer and enjoy old school stuff like PS1, N64, and early computer games (I use a Commodore 64 emulator). Final Fantasy VIII is my most favourite game of all time. I am also a devotee of Skyrim…can’t get enough of Skyrim, ever. 😊

Q. Is there anything that you would like to add, about the game in general or about the kinship?
A. I am definitely a low-key, easy-going player. I am not intense about raiding or gear or anything like that, though I will gladly join a raid and take gear that comes my way! I just love adventuring in Middle Earth with great people and have found my home with the Gnomes! You guys are the best 😊


Thank you Stella, for sharing this info with us.



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