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The Guardians of Middle Earth Weekly Newsletter 29/11/2020

Juls / Nov 28, 2020 / Kin-newsletter
Welcome to the newsletter

Hey Dancers

Screenshot of the Week
The screenshot this week is of Stellanor at the Mouths of Entwash, Far Anorien. An old shot, taken before LOTROs avatar update, and Stella’s personal favourite. Submitted by Stella.

We invite you all to submit your screenshot. A place, your character, a costume, whatever you want. Please send screenshots to or send to Juls through Discord message.

New Members
Please extend your warmest welcome to Tyrothir. A level 77 Minstrel that joined the Gnomes on November 22nd 2020.

Please keep an eye on our discord channels for any events planned. As the festive period approaches, and people get busy with that, we may see less in the way of events involving larger numbers of players. If there is anything that you wish to do in game, please reach out to one of the officers with a suggestion.

Server Events
Hobnanigans will run from Thursday December 3rd through Monday December 7th. Grab a pole and play some chicken golf.

Congratulations to Milathor for completing Shelob T2 and obtaining the Bane of Ungwetari title. Well done Chris.

Patch Notes and Updates
There was an unannounced change on game update (28.1.3), which has been confirmed by Cordovan as intended, during his stream. Barterable items at NPCs have had a delay added, to slow down clicking. This is causing problems for players when they are trying to barter for items in larger numbers (examples: 100 empowerment scrolls or 100 rep items from the Skirmish camp) in that the process can take up to 5 minutes or more to complete, triggering endless error messages to slow down as they go.

Cordovan added the comment below to a forum thread about the unannounced change. In response to a comment explaining about error messages (Please slow down) in game, he wrote . . .

if you do encounter this message, you will need to slow down your clicking. If we have an opportunity to tighten this system up in the future, we will

Weekly Sales and Game Codes

Black Friday Deals (end on November 30th)

In Store
35% off Black Steel Keys
50% off Player Races and Classes
75% off all Valar Packages
Double Bonus Lotro Points

Also available, but not reduced . . .
Carry-Alls available through November 30th:

LOTRO Market
Now until January 9, 2021, Get 50% off:

Mordor Ultimate, Collector’s, and Standard editions
Helm’s Deep
Riders of Rohan Base Edition
Rise of Isengard Base edition
Mines of Moria
Siege of Mirkwood
Quad pack

These items will no longer be available after January 9th. New packages for the older expansions will be available at a future date, but may not include the exact same bonus items, so this is the final opportunity to get these specific packages with their listed bonus items

Weekly Sale
Get 25% off: Now through December 3rd

• Crafting Guild Access
• Ingredient Packs
• Crafting Accelerators
Rapid Craft, Crafting Tiers and Recipes

Free Skill and Slayer Deed Boost x 1 with code SKILLSLAYERBOOST1

Useful Links, Hints and Tips
Take a look at the link below for Dadi’s Lotro Guides


Don’t forget to check out Gaz’s stream on

And also, Mrs Thing’s Stream



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