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Kinterview - Arnenna

Juls / Dec 05, 2020 / Kinterview!
I've had a busy week with not much gaming time, so haven't been able to reach out to anyone for a Kintervew, so this week, here is a little insight into myself - Arnenna. Kin officer who joined Gnomes on 13th March 2013.

Q. Your Name?
A. Julie

Q. When did you start playing LOTRO?
A. In 2012

Q. How did you find the Gnomes?
A. When I first started playing the game, I was with three friends and we just ran around Middle Earth pretty much blindly, as far as Angmar anyway. I was in a kinship called Everlasting Hope for a little while, but didn’t really do much at all other than say Hello a couple of times in the chat, without much of any replies. My friends didn’t stay around for long, so within a few months I found myself wandering around the game alone mostly. My hubby was a member of Gnomes, so I got my invitation to the kin through him. What a rip-roaring difference. I think it was day three of my membership as I was happy standing in Bree minding my own business when this little invitation popped up on my screen and I found myself in a place called the Rift. There was no going back after that. I remember looking at the little warden in the little red dress and thinking Holy Crap, that lil thing has 33K morale!!!!! I want one.

Q. Which alt would you consider to be your main?
A. Arnenna, a level 130 Human Hunter.

Q. What are your other alts?
A. Meganza, level 130 Elf Champion. She was the first character that I made.
Arnethiel, level 130 Hobbit Minstrel
Julinor, level 30 Elf Rune-Keeper
There are lots and lots of others, many of which are level cap. I have at least one of every class at level cap.

Q. What name do you prefer to be called by?
A. Juls, Arne.

Q. What is your favourite activity in LOTRO?
A. Crafting, organising alts/inventories and group content, especially with kin members. Helping kinnies.

Q. What could you share about yourself that will let kinnies get to know you?
A. I live in Wales in the UK, and my age is 21 years and lots of months. I love cooking and anything to do with monkeys or vampires 😊 I am full time carer and legal guardian of my teenage Granddaughter who suffers from Autism and Tourettes. She has lived with me since her birth and she is a total maniac, but we wouldn’t change her for the world.

Q. Is there anything that you would like to add, about the game in general or about the kinship?
A. I have been with Gnomes for 7 years, and I love everything about it and everyone in it. It feels like home.


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