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The Guardians of Middle Earth Weekly Newsletter 19/02/2021

Juls / Feb 19, 2021 / Kin-newsletter
Welcome to the newsletter

Hey Dancers!

Screenshot of the Week
The screenshot this week (above) is a bit of composed digital artwork to mark the Gnome Olympics. Submitted by Juls and Lewis. It's more of a header and we do have another screenshot of the week further down in the letter for you to look at.

We invite you all to submit your screenshot. A place, your character, a costume, whatever you want. Please send screenshots to or send to Juls through Discord message.

New Members
Please welcome out newest member to the kinship.
Durlas, a level 130 Rune-keeper joined the Gnomes on 18th February.

Welcome to the Gnomes Durlas!

Kin Events
Major news for you here this week. Tomorrow, Saturday February 20th is the launch day of Gnome Olympics 2021. The event is designed and championed by Lewis and runs for a number of weeks. Get ready for excitement, laughs and lots of fun. Any who wish to participate, please meet at the Kin Mead Hall at 7pm.
The address is 1 Ridge Road, Ashburn, Rohan Eastford Homesteads. (Visit Thranthir from social panel)

Be there, or be missing out on a laugh a minute, like in the screenshot below (submitted by Bas). A Conga through Bree complete with cute little piggies pulling carts and flying fireworks, which turned many heads and had a few players tag on to the end of the line.

Server Events
Ill Omens Skirmish Event is now in full swing and runs from 10th February until 8th March
We have a VIP Event Boost running from 25th February until 1st March.

Patch Notes and Updates
There was a small patch on Tuesday to fix Ill Omens Portent rewards. . . . .

Update 28.4.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 28.4.1, released on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021.

News and Notes

• Obvious Portent of Strength's maximum equippable level has been reduced from 140 ->
• Obvious Portent of Deftness' maximum equippable level has been reduced from 140 ->
• Obvious Portent of Vitality's maximum equippable level has been reduced from 140 -> 135.
• Portents of Vitality will now heal the player for approximately the full value of the bonus
Maximum Morale granted over 2 seconds. This makes the item more useful to players who
don't have a healer on standby. We are reducing the duration of the Maximum Morale
bonus to 30s from 45s to balance.
• The bonus duration for Portents of Strength has been reduced to 15 seconds from 45
seconds. We found this item to be a bit too powerful in some scenarios.
• Portents of Deftness now grants - incoming damage (37.5% for maximum level 135) for 15
seconds instead of granting Block, Parry, and Evade percentage points for 45s.
• We found the BPE bonus to be hard to feel in combat, and didn't necessarily protect
players from being one-shot in certain situations. A flat damage reduction buff for a
shorter duration requires more judicious use and has a more tangible effect.

Weekly Sales and Game Codes

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