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The Guardians of Middle Earth Weekly Newsletter 04/04/2021

Juls / Apr 04, 2021 / Kin-newsletter
Welcome to the newsletter

Hey Dancers

Screenshot of the Week
The screenshot this week (above) is of Lewis, after his t3 Remmorchant run. Submitted by Lewis.

We invite you all to submit your screenshot. A place, your character, a costume, whatever you want. Please send your screenshots to Juls through Discord message.

Kin Events
Please visit and vote on our member polls for a classic instance/raid run at the link below (see Polls on the right hand side).

Please keep an eye on the kinship #Instance-announcement channel on Discord for kin events this week.

Server Events
The Spring Festival will be ending on 7th April. Do not forget to barter any items that you want.
Hobnanigans is live and will end on April 5th.
A VIP event begins on April 8th and runs until April 12th

Congratulations to Bas and Keepie on completing the Amdan Dammul: The Bloody Threshold t2 and obtaining the title – The Bloody Survivor. Also congratulations to Lewis for completing Remmorchant: The Net of Darkness t3, and obtaining the title – Challenger of the Remmorchant. Well done folks.

Patch Notes and Updates
The was a patch to the game on Wednesday March 25th. The notes can be read at the link below.

Update 29.0.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 29.0.2, released on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021.

News and Notes:

• The critical chance bonuses from the Warden Trait Bulls-eye now properly displays in the character panel.
Quests and Adventure Areas
• Travel routes in Lothlorien function as expected again.
• Instance - Naruhel the Red-maid
• Door Mechanics have been reworked so that players are less likely to get the boss into an unrecoverable state.
• Instance - Woe of the Willow
• Gulmúk Dampmould now casts Corrupted Pool quicker, applying a debuff with countdown and a yellow eye effect on players.
Known Issues:
• Known Issue: If the fight resets in the instance 'Boss From the Vaults: Naruhel the Red-maid', while the door does open, it will appear to remain closed.

Weekly Sales and Game Codes
Get 20% off
Crafting Guild access
Ingredient packs
Crafting Accelerators
Rapid Craft, Crating Tiers, & Recipe Books

Free 1 x Landscape Soldier Token with code: HELPINGHAND
Now through April 8th!

Hints and Tips
Below is a handy guide to completing weekly mission wrappers without burnout. It is a resource for running multiple alts through the weekly wrapper system for missions. Submitted by Juls. Players can of course, opt to do the whole missions system if they prefer.


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