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The Guardians of Middle Earth Weekly Newsletter 13/06/2021

Juls / Jun 12, 2021 / Kin-newsletter
Welcome to the Newsletter

Hey Dancers

Screenshot of the Week
The screenshot this week (above) is of Draigoch. For those that not yet seen this magnificent dragon in game, poke Lewis to take us there 😊 Submitted by Lewis.

We invite you all to submit your screenshot. A place, your character, a costume, whatever you want. Please send your screenshots to Juls through Discord message or post it directly into our #Screenshots Discord channel.

New Members
There are no new members to introduce this week.

Kin Events
Please visit and vote on our member polls for a classic instance/raid run at the link below (see Polls on the right hand side).

Server Events

The current +10% lootbox embers and motes event ends on June 14th.
Midsummer Festival runs from June 17th until July 6th.

Patch Notes and Updates
Update 30, the Blood of Azog released this week. There are also a number of changes to classes and other things with this update. Read the patch notes below.

Weekly Sales and Game Codes

Get 30% off:
Select Warsteeds and Mounts
Riding Skills
Select Warsteed Cosmetics
Movement Speed Buffs
Now through June 17th!

Battle Potion of Restoration x5 with code: [b/RESTORED[/b]
Now through June 17th!


Don’t forget to check out Gaz’s stream on

Mrs Thing’s Stream

Cindy's stream

Keeperelos's stream


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