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The Guardians of Middle Earth Weekly Newsletter 20/23/2021

Juls / Feb 20, 2022 / Kin-newsletter
Welcome to the Newsletter

Hey Dancers

Screenshot of the Week
The screenshot of the week is a view of [b]Tham Lumren in the Angle of Mithiethel situated in Southern Trollshaws. Submitted by Juls

We invite you all to submit your screenshot. A place, your character, a costume, whatever you want. Please submit your screenshots to the Discord #screenshots channel or send to Juls through discord message.

New Members
Please give a warn welcome to our new members/alts.

Halumi, a level 78 Guardian, alt of Hal
Cosantoiraniarthair, a level 12 Guardian.
Firelina, a level 17 Brawler, alt of Poppett
Surgel, a level 50 Guardian, alt of Surge

Kin Events
Please see our Discord #Instance-announcement channel. Please also visit and vote on our member polls for a classic instance/raid run at the link below (see Polls on the right hand side).

Keepie, Hal and Neil are also organising some runs for kin members to get a feel for some of the game’s instances.

Server Events
VIP XP Event (usually 100% extra XP) runs from 24th – 28th February.

Patch Notes, updates and Articles
Update 32 arrived this week. Please see the link below for the patch notes.

Weekly Sales and Game Codes

Get 20% Off

Virtue Acceleration Tomes
Enduring Universal Toolkits
Skill and Slayer Deed Boosts
Now through February 24th!

Free Simple Rally Horn with code: RALLYROUND
Now through February 24th!

Don’t forget to check out Gaz’s stream on

Mrs Thing’s Stream

Cindy's stream

Keeperelos's stream


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